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Del Ray: America's Foremost
Hellman Research Book
The Ultimate Coin Wand
Here's "Hoo" with Coins
Choice or Chance
Spooner's Slippery Silver
Spooner's Six-Card Repeat
Wonderful Routines of Magic
The Second Addendum -
Wonderful Routines of Magic
The Dennis Loomis Knot Routine DVD
The Journal of Magic Research


Presentations and lectures are primarily designed for magic clubs and conventions. They have been presented at numerous conventions and rings in the USA, Canada, England, France, and Germany.

Several presentations have been very successful with civic organizations. Art in Magic and The Science of Magic are two examples.

All presentations are based on extensive research in magic history. PowerPoint is employed throughout the presentation to highlight the program with numerous photographs, video clips, and sound bites.

In 2015 presentations were given at three magic history conferences. In May, The Pendulum Knows was presented at the Midwest Magic History Weekend in Marshall, Michigan. The 6th European Magic History Conference was held in Paris in early September. The Best Magic Effects of Del Ray: America’s Foremost Magician was the subject of this presentation. The Life and Magic of Eugene Hellman was presented at The Fourteenth Los Angeles Conference on Magic History.

Other topics available are: Inexhaustible Vessels from Ancient to Modern Times, The History of Conjuring Wands, Wallace the Magician.


The Magical Spoonerism Lecture presents the author’s favorite routines, sleights, tips, and psychology. A wide variety of effects are demonstrated and taught. Items range from easy to difficult. There is something of value for any magician in this lecture.

Please phone or email for information and availability.

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