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Wonderful Routines of Magic
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Wonderful Routines of Magic

 Wonderful Routines of Magic

by Ellison Poland

This book is an overlooked gem in magic publications. The late Ellison Poland published the first edition in 1969. Subsequently, a second impression was made in 1992. A number of contributors, including the author, offer a wide variety of magic effects for stage and close-up. There are seven Spooner effects including the Deceptive Roll Cut. Milliken’s Transposition is worth the price of the book. It is a double transportation with two halves and two quarters. It is always a part of  my close-up performance. Ellison Poland was a technical writer for Westinghouse and knew the art of writing magic instructions. He was also a great illustrator. The 251 page book is well illustrated with numerous line drawings. There is a section on Decorating and Finishing Magical Apparatus. The table of contents has 55 entries. WROM concludes with an annotated bibliography. The book has an attractive dust jacket. The hard binding is black with gold lettering. You will not be disappointed with the quality of the content or of the book binding. A great buy!

Price: $25.00, plus $4.00 USA Media Mail

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