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The Ultimate Coin Wand

 The Ultimate Coin Wand

The Ultimate Coin Wand is a re-creation of a wand invention by Henry Bate in the early 1900s. Bate, an Englishman, invented a number of clever coin wands but considered this thin model to be his best. The Bate wand is the only coin wand ever invented that allows both wand and coin to be examined. The wand and coins are solid. By 1910 a number of dealers were selling variations of this new type coin wand.

There are two types of coin wands: The internal and external types, depending from where the coin emanates. The Ultimate Coin Wand is of the external type. Visualize a thin, solid metal wand 3/16 inches in diameter and 16 inches long held in the magician’s hand. Pointing the wand to a point in space, a solid coin instantly appears on the tip of the wand. The coin is removed with the finger tips and placed on a stand or dropped in a glass. More coins are produced and displayed. The wand can be examined, but the coins cannot.

The wand and three gimmicked Kennedy half dollars are attached to the display board as seen in the photograph and boxed in a square clear plastic case. Three pages of instructions are provided, including a brief history of the wand. The Ultimate Coin Wand was reviewed by the late Phil Willmarth in the May, 2005 issue of The Linking Ring.

Price: $75.00, plus $8.00 USA Priority Mail

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