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Eugene Hellman Research Book

 Hellman Research Book

This thirty-two page publication chronicles the life of Master Magician Eugene Hellman, from his birth in 1889 to his death in 1968. He was one of twelve prominent African-American magicians featured in Ebony Magazine in 1949. Fifty-one words describing Hellman in the Ebony Magazine were all that was known about him before this publication, which was written specifically for a presentation on November 13, 2010 at the New England Magic Collectors Association conference held at Westborough, Massachusetts.

The publication contains thirty-four rare black and white and color photographs depicting Hellman’s magic performances and his entrepreneurial enterprises. His magic career began in 1909 and endured until his death in 1968, making him the longest performing African-American magician in America. The publication is perfect bound with heavy gloss cover with excellent photo reproduction. A limited number of copies are available.

Book Price: $20.00 by USA first class mail

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