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Choice or Chance
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Choice or Chance

 Choice or Chance Book

Twenty cards are dealt face down in four rows. A spectator places any small object on any card. The spectator then rolls three dice and totals the numbers rolled. The dice can be rolled until the spectator is satisfied with the combination. The spectator then takes the object and makes a number of jumps according to the total rolled on the three dice. The jumps are made up and down and across the rows. The jumps are completely under the control of the spectator. The final jump determines the selected card which is turned over and noted. Other cards are turned over to show they are different. The spectator is asked to open and spread a deck of cards which was placed in front of him at the beginning of the trick. One card is reversed and it matches the chosen card.

Includes cards, dice, and a nicely-printed illustrated folder of instructions. Edited, illustrated, and printed by the late Ellison Poland. This routine was performed on national television by a leading mentalist during the late 1970s.

Frank Furkey: "It's a fooler."

Martin Gardner: "A very well-thought-out effect."

Al Cohen: "A great trick - very commercial."

Price: $10.00, plus $3.50 USA 1st Class Mail

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