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About Magical Spoonerisms:

Magical Spoonerisms came into existence in 1974 with three publications -- Here's Hoo with Coins, Choice or Chance and Slippery Silver.

The name, “Magical Spoonerisms” is a play on words. A “spoonerism”, as defined in Webster’s dictionary, is a slip of the tongue. Having the name Spooner, it seemed logical to call the magic effects created “A Magical Spoonerism”, meaning a Spooner sleight-of-the-hand effect. Over the years other effects have been added to the inventory.

Work is progressing on three books. They are: Inexhaustible Vessels – from Ancient to Modern Times, The History of Conjuring Wands, and Wallace the Magician.

Here’s Hoo with Coins will soon be published in a book format. All original material will be included in addition to new routines and the history of the Hoo coin. The book will include a DVD demonstrating all of the basic sleights and discussing the psychology and misdirection.

The Ultimate Coin Wand will soon have a DVD demonstrating five coin production methods as well as subtle handling of the wand and coins. A new gimmicked coin is in development that will make the Ultimate Coin Wand exceed the capabilities of the original Henry Bate coin wand.

Several favorite close-up routines are planned for future publication. Dice Capers, a complex dice stacking routine combines stacking with magic effects and employs 160 dice. Variation on a Knife Theme consists of routines and moves with the color changing knife. The history of the color changing knife is also included. The standard and Stanfield’s Colorfusing models are used in one routine. A new and startling one hand color change is included. Photographs are used to illustrate all moves. Watch for the release of these publications in the near future.


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