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The Journal of Magic Research (JMR), a new online publication dedicated to promoting scientific-based research in magic. The Journal will feature articles from writers in the magic community and other disciplines such as mathematics, neuroscience, psychology, biology, physics, chemistry, et al. There will be no charge to registered subscribers.

The soon-to-be-released premiere issue provides an overview of the format and purpose of the JMR, and presents a brief historical review of selected examples of past and recent applications of scientific processes to magic research. An article, "Variables Effecting Gel-time of Superabsorbent Polymers,” serves as an example of the type of research the JMR seeks to publish.

This issue also serves as an invitation for participation, outlining the criteria for submitting articles to the JMR. The intellectual rights of all submissions will remain the sole property of the contributing authors. 

If you would like to receive the first issue of the JMR, or know of others you think would be interested, please e-mail me at bill@spoonermagic.com.


About Magical Spoonerisms:

Magical Spoonerisms came into existence in 1974 with three publications -- Here's Hoo with Coins, Choice or Chance and Slippery Silver.

Over the years other effects have been created and offered to the magic community. A number of new products and publications are currently in progress and will be released in the very near future. 

The name, “Magical Spoonerisms” is a play on words. A “spoonerism”, as defined in Webster’s dictionary, is a slip of the tongue. Having the name Spooner, it seemed logical to call the magic effects created “A Magical Spoonerism”, meaning a Spooner sleight-of-the-hand effect.

Current research and writings have stimulated a renewed interest in re-marketing the original Magical Spoonerisms, as well as new creations, and a limited number of other items for the magic community. Several new products and publications are currently in progress. Two books, The Lota Bowl – from Ancient to Modern Times and Wands of the Conjurers – A Study of Gimmicked Wands are well underway. Dice Capers is a dice stacking and magic routine. A Variation on a Knife Theme contains a startling visible one handed color change. Watch for the release of these publications in the near future.



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